Storm Athletic Club

Services We Offer

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Boxing and Strength & Conditioning classes.

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Personal Training

One-to-one personal coaching, customised to fit your exact goals and needs.

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Open Gym

Power rack, free weights, cardio machines & other equipment.

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Corporate Classes

Enquire for corporate classes rates.

Storm Athletic Club


Ragnarok Strength


Yearning for some good old fashioned iron therapy? Wanna fill out your t-shirts and rock some sleeve busting guns? Get ready to slap on the plates and bang out some reps in this strength class. Marvel at the beauty of your strength as our trainers utilise barbell movements to build you a body worthy of Thor.

*Thunder God powers not included. 



Tired of bouncing on a treadmill and never seeing the number on the scale move? Ready to see your abs for the first time? This cardio circuit will squeeze every last drop of sweat out of your body and get you back into those skinny jeans you’d last wore in high school. Standby to torch some fat. 



Looking for a way to unleash all that pent up stress from work and life? Vent your frustrations and get fighting fit with BoxCon.  Expect heavy bag drills coupled with boxing specific exercises that will whip you into fighting shape, one punch at a time. Punch till your hearts content and sculpt those arms and abs in the process. 

Valkyrie Ladies’ Strength


Should ladies lift weights? Hell yes. A common misconception among women is that lifting weights will make them bulky. Well, we’re here to prove these ladies wrong. If anything, it’s one of the best ways to get strong and unleash your inner warrior. Our team will guide you through your basic compound movements and even to your first pull-up. Witness first-hand what a woman’s body is truly capable of. 

Storm Athletic Club


Strictly valid for first-timers of Storm Athletic Club only. Only one trial per member. Trial class fee of $20 will waived upon sign up. T&Cs apply. Payment via PayNow after class.

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