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Storm Athletic Club

Storm Athletic Club is a Strength and Conditioning gym located in the heart of Balestier. We are a one stop shop for all your fitness needs. HIIT, Strength, Personal Training, Open Gym, Boxing, even Yoga, we got it all. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, whether you’re just starting out or looking for the next thing to spice up your routine, we’ve got something to move you closer toward your fitness goals. 

Our goal is to help people to breakthrough their self-limiting beliefs and witness for themselves what they’re truly capable of. When you make a habit of leaving it all out on the gym floor, this carries over to other areas of life. Your work, relationships along with your physique all begin to improve. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself on the path to greatness. 

Regardless of fitness levels, newbie or gym rat, all are welcome. Our team is trained to adjust the program to all levels to ensure a fun, intense sweat sesh for everyone. No man (or woman) gets left behind.

If you’re tired of staying the same, ready to make a real change, see some real results and unlock your full potential, Storm Athletic Club is the place for you. 

Storm Athletic Club Singapore Coach Sean


Boxing, Powerlifting Coach

Storm Athletic Club Singapore Coach sam


Personal Trainer

beautiful flower painting

Kun Rong

Founder, Head Coach, Personal Trainer

state of the art

Alex Sim

Personal Trainer

  • Testimonials

  • Toby Tan
  • Back in Sept 2020, I was a whopping 95kg. In six months, Kun worked hard and made sure I was accountable for my actions.


    He took effort to design effective and simple workouts for a novice like me, always pushing me beyond my limit (the accursed one more set!). He explained the rationale and mechanism of each exercise.


    Today, not only am I 30kg lighter, I feel more alive than ever before.

  • Class Reviews

  • Alysia Choo
    Alysia Choo
  • Did the Ragnarok Strength class and it was really intense but fun! Really loved that Kun was attentive and made sure to correct our form when needed. I liked that there were unconventional equipment like sandbags, which you don’t really find in many gyms.


    Toilets were nice and clean and there’s even a shower with toiletries. Will definitely bring my friends here so we can all train together!

  • Class Review

  • Anika Nale
  • Trainer Kun was very accommodating towards everybody’s fitness levels. Even though it was group training, he also showed personal training expertise by modifying certain exercises to make the session enjoyable for everybody, while still feeling accomplished!


    10/10 would go back again

  • Testimonial

  • Jeremy Ng
  • I have seen visible progress within months training with Kun. He carefully crafted a program that works for achieving my goals that is sustainable. Kun is very easy to work with and while he pushes me hard, he always manage to finds ways to motivate me when I hit a plateau.

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Strictly valid for first-timers of Storm Athletic Club only. Only one trial per member. Trial class fee of $20 will waived upon sign up. T&Cs apply. Payment via PayNow after class.

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