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Nestled in the heart of Balestier, Storm Athletic Club stands as a pinnacle of private fitness, uniquely combining luxury with a personalised touch. As a premier boutique gym in Singapore, we pride ourselves on creating a training environment that feels both private and empowering.

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Our Philosophy

A Personal Approach to Fitness

At Storm Athletic Club, fitness is more than a routine—it’s a lifestyle. Our philosophy is built on the foundation of personalised training within an intimate gym setting. As a leading micro-gym, a private workout gym in Singapore, we offer tailored fitness programs designed to meet the unique needs of each member, fostering a connection that larger gyms simply cannot match. Read our article on the 6 benefits of personal training.

Our Core Values

Why Choose a Boutique Gym?

Benefits of Training in a Boutique Environment

Choosing to train at a boutique gym like Storm Athletic Club means choosing a space where your fitness goals are nurtured by dedicated professionals in a community-oriented environment. Here, every workout is an experience tailored to enhance your strength, confidence, and well-being. Embrace the benefits of having a private fitness trainer in a studio gym in Singapore with our customised fitness solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

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Our Simple 4-Step Process to Fitness


Step 1: Reach Out

Start your personalised fitness journey with Storm Athletic Club by taking advantage of our complimentary trial session. Fill out the form or message us on WhatsApp to take your first step toward achieving your unique fitness goals.



Step 2: Tele-Consultation

Begin your custom-tailored fitness experience with a complimentary personal consultation. Our seasoned trainers will connect with you to understand your fitness aspirations and take important notes to design a bespoke plan just for you. A trial session at our boutique studio will then be scheduled to align with your goals.



Step 3: Experience a Tailored Free Gym Trial Session

Embrace the boutique fitness experience with a free trial gym session. This is where you’ll uncover our personalised approach to fitness. Here, you’re not just a member—you’re part of a supportive community that’s focused on helping you achieve and exceed your personal best.



Step 4: Seamless Membership Sign-Up

Join the exclusive Storm Athletic Club community with our straightforward membership sign-up process. Here, becoming a member means joining a fitness environment where your success is our priority, a sanctuary where judgements are blocked out. Sign up seamlessly and become part of a club that’s dedicated to helping you thrive.


Our Commitment to Privacy and Excellence

Studio Gym in Singapore – A Space to Focus and Grow

We understand the value of privacy in achieving your fitness goals. At Storm Athletic Club, we ensure that our space is your sanctuary, where you can focus, push your limits, and grow. Our commitment to privacy and excellence makes us the go-to private gym in Singapore for those who seek an exclusive fitness journey.

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Discover Our Unique Fitness Sanctuary

Here’s our invitation for you to visit Storm Athletic Club and discover why we are more than just a gym. Experience the unique atmosphere that sets us apart from the conventional, where every visit motivates and inspires.

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    Strictly valid for first-timers of Storm Athletic Club only. Only one trial per member. Your information is protected. We do not sell, rent or exchange your information with any parties. No free trial for courses and open gym.

    Enhancing Your Fitness Experience

    Customised Workouts in a Private Setting

    At Storm Athletic Club, we understand that privacy is paramount when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Our small scale private gym allows members to enjoy workouts without the overcrowding typical of larger gyms. Each session is designed to meet your specific needs, making your personal training in Singapore experience a truly bespoke one. Whether you are looking for personal fitness trainer Singapore or studio gym Singapore, we offer the perfect environment to support your health and wellness ambitions.

    A Closer Look at Boutique Fitness

    Why Boutique Gyms should be your go-to

    Storm Athletic Club are transforming the fitness industry by offering more personalised, focused, and community-oriented experiences compared to traditional large-scale gyms. Our micro-gym located in the heart of Singapore provides an intimate setting where fitness is not just about exercise but about building relationships and tailoring experiences to individual needs. Come, discover the benefits of a private workout gym and why it is the perfect choice for those seeking a meaningful and effective fitness journey.

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